Favorite Easy Healthy Super Bowl Party Food Ideas

I just read a fascinating Wall Street Journal article about how healthy foods are making a marketing push for inclusion in the Super Bowl Eating Frenzy.

Did you know that Super Bowl Sunday is the second-largest eating occasion after Thanksgiving?

According to NPD Group, a New York market research firm, on Sunday Americans will eat 100 million pounds of chicken wings, 71.4 million pounds of avocados, 45. 8 million pounds of potato chips, 43.2 million pounds of tortilla chips, 13. 2 million pounds of pretzels, and order more than 4.4 million pizzas from Domino’s, Papa Johns and Pizza Hut.

Can you even begin to fathom how many Weight Watchers Points+ that is? (I can’t!!!)

Healthy Superbowl Recipes Buffet

Easy Healthy Super Bowl Party Food Ideas

Several healthy foods – baby carrots, yogurt, avocados, and whole grain pretzels – are showing up more in the Super Bowl food fest. That’s good news both for the producers of these healthy foods and for those of us trying to get (or stay) slim and healthy :-)

If you’re planning to have attend a Super Bowl Party this weekend, one of the best things you can do, is bring along a healthy superbowl recipe to share. That way you are guaranteed of feeling good about at least one of the foods you eat! (Here are more helpful game day survival strategies for weight watchers.)

So, here’s a roundup of easy healthy superbowl  recipes for you, including appetizers and snacks, soups and chilis, pizza and desserts. Enjoy!

Easy Healthy Super Bowl Party Food Ideas

Healthy Superbowl Party Recipes

Chips, Salsa & Guacamole – A Party Favorie

Appetizers & Snacks

Appetizers & Snacks are a big part of most Super Bowl parties.

I like to keep appetizers and snacks simple. Complicated hors d’oeuvres are not my thing. Bowls of mixed nuts, baby carrots, ripe cherry tomatoes, potato chips, pretzels, tortilla chips, popcorn, Triscuits, smoked salmon and shrimp are my more my speed. Add a tasty easy healthy dip or two and you have a ready made party with minimal effort.

Here are some of my favorite easy, healthy superbowl recipes  for Appetizers and Snacks:

16 Slim & Healthy Low Fat Dips – a great collection of favorites – artichoke dip, spinach dip, bean dip, taco dip – and more – made lighter and healthier
Deviled Eggs – an old-fashioned favorite that always manages to be a hit of the party
Easy Fresh Tomato Salsa – this quick and easy pico de gallo has 0 WWPP per serving
Guacamole Recipes – a Super Bowl Party wouldn’t be complete with a bowl of guacamole – a great source of healthy monounsaturated fats.
Shrimp Cocktail – a great light and healthy substitution for greasy chicken wings with a variety of tasty homemade cocktail sauces

Soups & Chilis

What could be easier, healthier and more delicious than a couple of delicious for a mid-winter Super Bowl Party, than soup or chili simmering away on the stove or in the slow cooker?

Skinny Black Bean Soup Recipes – delicious, hearty, nutritious and economical – a real winner
Easy Taco Soup – that stirs together in minutes with 7 WW Points+ per serving
Easy Slow Cooker Potato Soup – easy, satisfying and delicious
Slow Cooker Mexican Meatball soup – easy, healthy and satisfying
Vegetable Beef Mushroom Barley Soup - for the slow cooker is hearty and satisfying with 6 WW Points+
Vegetarian Chili Recipes – a collection of easy healthy recipes that are sure to please your family and friends


Healthy 3 Cheese Garden Vegetable Pizza – with whole wheat crust and 4 WW Points+ per slice

Desserts & Sweet Treats

Skinny Black Bean Brownies – quick and easy to make; fudgy and delicious to eat with 4 WW Points+
Moist & Chewy Low Fat Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Bars - a winning sweet treat with 3 WW Points+
Caramel Chocolate Oatmeal Mini Bars - satisfy a sweet craving with just 2 WW Points+
Banana Oatmeal Cookies - a quick and easy scratch cookie recipe with just 2 WW Points+
Skinny Cranberry Oatmeal Cookies – a winning Weight Watcher’s recipe with just 2 WW Points+
Skinny Low Fat Chocolate Cake Recipes – my favorite along with a round up from other blogs and websites with WW Points+ Values

Moist & Chewy Low Fat Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars

Moist & Chewy Low Fat Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars

More Weight Watchers Friendly Super Bowl Recipes from Other Blogs and Websites

Bacon Wrapped Chicken Bites – A skinny clever 2-ingredient appetizer wit 2 WW Points+ you’ll find hard to resist from Gina at SkinnyTaste.
Loaded Turkey Santa Fe Baked Potato Skins – A slim and healthy version of a Sport’s Bar Favorite with 1 WW Points+ from Gina at SkinnyTaste.
Oven Fried Chicken Skewers – Light and healthy chicken tenders with 4 WW Points+ found at Laaloosh.
Rosemary Party Nuts – Simple and delicious from Alanna at Kitchen Parade
Pizza on a Stick – a light and clever way to enjoy the flavors of pizza from Emily Bites.
Skinny Mini Reuben Appetizers – a delicious way to enjoy the flavors of a reuben in a 1 WW Points+ appetizer from Nancy at Skinny Kitchen

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