Simple Ground Beef Recipes

Simple Ground Beef Recipes

If you are looking for simple ground beef recipes, I hope this list of some of my favorites provides you with what you’re looking for – or at least spurs some easy dinner ideas of your own.

I am a fan of quick easy dinner recipes that begin with ground beef.

I actually prefer hamburgers and meatloaf to steak.

When time is short and I’m looking for something quick and easy to make for dinner, my mind naturally gravitates towards simple ground beef recipes with just a few easy-to-find ingredients that might already be in the pantry.

Ground turkey can be substituted for the beef in most all these recipes too. The key to easy healthy balanced eating is figuring out what works for you.

You can turn it into quick easy homemade hamburgers (that are so much cheaper and better for you than the kind found at the fast food chains). Or you can use it in a wide variety of easy recipes including soup, chili, spaghetti, goulash, skillet dishes, casseroles, meatloaf and even salads.

I’ve gathered some of my favorite simple ground beef recipes here together all in one place so when I need one, I know exactly where to turn.

Simple Ground Beef Recipes – Soups

Many of my most favorite easy dinner recipes are soups. I love easy soups for so many reasons. They are a great quick and easy dinner solution for feeding yourself and those you love in this fast-paced world where schedules are often hectic and erratic.

They’re healthy, economical and nutritious complete meals in a bowl, perfect for a simple weeknight supper. They can be made ahead. (I love to make a batch or two of soup during the weekend that can be warmed on busy weeknights.)

They are easy to make. I think it’s nearly impossible to make a bad soup, making them a great way for new and less experienced cooks to get comfortable in the kitchen.

I have a huge and growing collection of easy soup recipes. Here are a few that call for ground beef.

Taco Soup

Taco Soup Photo – Flicker: Big C Harvey


Easy Taco Soup

A great easy hearty satisfying soup that can be ready in about 30 minutes – perfect for a healthy lunch or supper. I love to make big batches of soup during the weekend to enjoy all week long.


Hamburger Macaroni Soup

Hamburger Macaroni Soup

Easy Hamburger Vegetable Noodle Soup

This easy vegetable soup is a personal favorite when I want something quick and easy at the end of a long day. Using a bag of frozen mixed vegetables really cuts down on the ingredient list and prep time required. I think this is one of those easy dinner recipes you’ll find yourself turning to again and again, especially during the fall and winter.


Slow Cooker Mexican Meatball Soup

Mexican Meatball Soup

Slow Cooker Mexican Meatball Soup

A great easy ground beef soup for the slow cooker. It stirs together in minutes and then cooks away for hours unattended, so dinner is ready when you are!




Simple Ground Beef Recipes – Meatloaf

Simple Meatloaf

Meatloaf is another great solution when you are in need of quick easy dinner ideas. And there are hundreds of ways to make it from simple to complicated.

It’s another easy recipe that can be made ahead and then baked just in time for dinner. It’s also great reheated and leftovers make great sandwiches. Here are a few of my favorite simple easy meatloaf recipes.

Simple Meatloaf Recipe What makes this meatloaf recipe deliciously simple, is the use of a package of dry onion soup mix. With just 5 ingredients you can have it mixed up and in the oven in minutes.

Paula Deen Meatloaf Recipe – My favorite quick and easy meatloaf of the moment that uses oats, canned diced tomatoes and includes a yummy ketchup based topping.

Weight Watchers Meatloaf – This Weight Watchers meatloaf might just be my new favorite meat loaf! It bakes up moist and delicious thanks to the addition of lots of finely chopped vegetables and turns out 4 very generous 6 PointsPlus Value servings.

Skinny Mini Meatloaf Muffins – Have you ever made mini meatloaf muffins? You just take your favorite meatloaf recipe and bake it in muffin tins and voila – meatloaf muffins!

Easy Casserole Recipes

Simple Ground Beef Recipes – Casseroles

Some of my most favorite easy dinner recipes are easy casserole recipes. Easy casseroles have several things going for them. They can be made a head. They are comforting. Most people love them. And they bake away by themselves, giving you time to attend to other more important things.

Slim & Healthy Ground Beef Enchilada Casserole – Here’s a healthy ground beef recipe that’s sure to please the entire family. It does mine. It’s a lighter healthier take on a a recipe called Family Burrito Bake from the Pampered Chef Deep Covered Baker Cookbook, that’s already pretty healthy.

Beef & Spinach Lasagna Rolls – Ground beef, chopped mushrooms, garlic, spinach, ricotta cheese and basil are combined into a tasty stuffing that is spread on cooked lasagna noodles that are then rolled up like pinwheels, placed in a baking dish, topped with jarred marinara sauce and baked until hot and bubbly.

Easy Baked Ziti – his is an easy versatile recipe. Feel free to substitute sausage for the ground beef or turkey (or leave it out for a vegetarian option.) You also can add extra vegetables, Cooked chopped mushrooms, zucchini, peppers and spinach all would be good.

Easy Skillet Lasagna Toss

Easy Skillet Lasagna Toss

Simple Ground Beef Recipes – Skillets

Hamburger Goulash with Elbow Macaroni – This recipe for hamburger goulash with elbow macaroni is an old stand-by straight from Mom’s recipe box.

Easy Lightened Up Skillet Lasagna – A quick and easy one-pot dish combining lasagna noodles, spaghetti sauce, ground beef, vegetables and a little cheese, this easy skillet lasagna is perfect for a busy weeknight supper.

More Quick Easy Dinner Recipes with Ground Beef…

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