Beet Green Apple Juice {30 Days of Juicing}

Beet Green Apple Juice Recipe

(30 Days of Juicing Day #18 – Beet Green Apple Juice) I’m trying to be a little more adventurous with my juice recipes and just this morning I decided to add beets to my ever-growing list of juicing ingredients. In all honesty though, I really don’t care for beets, so it’s a big step. Beets… 

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Lucky Leprechaun Juice

Lucky Leprechuan Juice

(30 Days of Juicing Day #19 – Ciao Bella Juice) Peter and I went on a little Juicing field trip this week. After finding an article about the 10 Best Juice Bars in Phoenix we thought it would be fun to check a couple of them out. Our first stop was The Juice Core, a micro juicery specializing… 

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Dr. Oz’s Green Drink

Dr Oz Green Drink

(30 Days of Juicing Day #11 – Dr. Oz’s Green Drink) Since I had such great success with Blake Lively’s Juice the other day, I decided to give another “celebrity juice” a go. This time it was Dr. Oz’s Green Drink Juice, which I found on According to the site, Dr. Oz drinks this… 

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Green Gratitude Juice {30 Days of Juicing}

Green Gratitude Juice

(30 Days of Juicing Day #10 – Gratitude Juice) I found the inspiration for this Green Gratitude Juice from the website Juice Core. They are a micro juicery that serves the greater Phoenix metro area with “100% raw organic juice – cold pressed.” You can find Juice Core at various Farmers Markets throughout Phoenix, including… 

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My first “Celebrity Juice” {30 Days of Juicing}

Celebrity Juice

(30 Days of Juicing Day #9 – My First “Celebrity Juice”) This is one of Blake Lively’s favorite juices, according to Women’s Health in their article: 3 Amazing Juices for Weight Loss. (Full Disclosure: at the risk of exposing vulnerability and in the name of cultivating authenticity and self-compassion I had no idea who ‘Blake… 

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Spicy Lemonade Juice {30 Day Juice Fest Recipe}

Spicy Lemonade Juice

(30 Days of Juicing Day #7 – Spicy Lemonade Juice) I’m a huge lemonade lover so when I saw this recipe for spicy lemonade juice it jumped to the top of  my ever growing list of juice recipes to try.  The fact that it appeared in a list of juices for weight loss didn’t hurt… 

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