Weekly Weigh-In: 5/26/12

My Weekly Weigh In

Here’s my weekly weigh in, a recap of what I’ve posted this week, recipes and articles on other websites and blogs that I’ve bookmarked, a brief assessment and reflection of the week, and my plan and motivational quote for the upcoming week.

I find it helpful to pause, assess, and reflect and do a little planning each week.

It helps me keep everything in perspective, while checking to make sure I’m moving in the right direction.

This week was a busy one with Weight Watchers. I subbed for leaders at 4 meetings and represented the Company at a local health and wellness fair, where the folks from Costco showed up serving cake :-) Am I the only one who thinks that cake and a health and wellness fair are not a match made in heaven? It gave me a good chuckle and reminded me how difficult weight loss can be with so many temptations bombarding us from all angles.

In today’s environment you really need to do everything in your power to set yourself up for success when it comes to healthy eating and sensible weight loss because there are so many forces at work set up to undermine you!

Have a healthy and delicious Memorial Day!


On Simple Nourished Living This Week:

Skinny Creamy Peanut Butter Dip – A sweet and creamy variation on hummus from Weight Watchers. Once chilled you can spread it on toast, crackers, apples, celery and more.

A Delicious & Satisfying Paradise Bakery (Panera Bread) lunch with just 6 PointsPlus – The colorful strawberry poppyseed salad and vegetable soup make for a tasty lunch that fills you up without weighing you down.

Vitalicious Weight Watcher’s Friendly Whoopie Pies – a quick and easy sweet treat with only 3 PointsPlus

Easy Mediterranean Pasta with Tuna & Tomatoes –  A quick and easy boldly flavored pasta with just 5 PointsPlus value you can make in 30 minutes or less.

Skinny Strawberry Yogurt Granola Parfaits – Layers of tangy nonfat Greek yogurt, sliced fresh strawberries, and granola spooned into a glass is a fun, healthy and delicious way to start the day. These strawberry yogurt granola parfaits will fill you up without weighing you down with 5 WW PointsPlus.

What I Bookmarked This Week:

Weight Watchers friendly recipes and tips from other blogs and websites that I liked and found helpful and thought you would too:

Alyce’s Lowfat Granola with Apricots, Currants & Cherries -Alyce uses unsweetened applesauce in place of most of the oil in this granola, adapted from David Lebovitz who adapted it from Nigella Lawson (More Time at the Table)

Vanilla-Cardamom Quinoa Pudding – a healthy variation of pudding using quinoa and almond milk that I can’t wait to try. It looks like tapioca and since it’s from one of my favorite cookbook writer’s I’m confident it will be delicious. (Enlightened Cooking)

Frozen Strawberry Layer Cake – from the May 6-12, 2012 WeightWatchers Weekly that I’ve been meaning to make. I’ve gathered the ingredients and plan to make it tomorrow for Memorial Day.

Red, White & Blue Cheesecake Yogurt Cupcakes – a portion controlled sweet treat with less than 100 calories perfect for Memorial Day (SkinnyTaste)

Shrimp, Broccoli & Sundried Tomatoes – a winning combination of ingredients as far as I’m concerned. From Cooking Light (MyRecipes)

The Good & Not So Good This Week:

  • I had a busy week with Weight Watchers, subbing for several meetings and representing them at a local health & wellness fair.
  • I was so busy with Weight Watchers I didn’t get my Simple Nourished Living Newsletter out
  • Met my goal of trying 2 new healthy recipes: Easy Mediterranean Pasta with Tuna & Tomatoes and Citrus Spinach Salad
  • Met my activity goals of walking Francie and getting on my yoga mat
  • I only tracked my food and activity 3 days this week. Will make it a bigger priority next week.
  • Drank less alcohol. I skipped the nightly glass of wine and opted for N/A beer Monday and Tuesday nights. On the nights I did drink, I slowed down and really savored the glass.
  • Managed to make and serve healthy dinners at home Monday – Friday nights.
  • Ate out Sunday night and for lunch on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, which is way more than usual for me. I managed to make healthy choices most of the time, although I ate a few more tortilla chips than I intended at the Mexican restaurant today. Will plan to have lunch at home more next week.
  • Feel really good about everything I did and didn’t do.

My Expectations and Plans for the Coming Week:

  • Take Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning off.
  • Prep on Sunday afternoon for the coming weeks WW Meetings.
  • Take most of Monday off for the Memorial Day Holiday.
  • Prep for a new private yoga client by reading up on his health issues and outlining an initial program.
  • Continue to develop by Weight Watchers Leader/Receptionist skills.
  • Track my food and activity everyday.
  • Walk Francie for 30 minutes at least 6 days this week and spend at least 20 minutes on my yoga mat at least 4 days.
  • Try at least 2 new healthy recipes.
  • Blog at least 4 days.
  • Send out my monthly Simple Nourished Living Newsletter.

Quote For the Week:

“Your life doesn’t get better by chance, it gets better by change.”  – Jim Rohn

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