Reconnecting with Food Through Yoga

Friday night I joined twelve women in a Reconnect with Food Candlelight Yoga Workshop led by dietician and yoga teacher, Beverly Price.

The session began with a one hour yoga class where poses were held for what seemed to me an interminable amount of time and concluded with a one hour sharing circle complete with talking stick and a mindful eating exercise.

It was a great introductory exploration of using yoga and “mindful awareness” to gain a deeper understanding of self-acceptance and self-awareness, especially as it relates to food and eating issues.

During our yoga session we were encouraged to really tune into our bodies and emotions and reminded that how we practice yoga is analogous to how we live our lives.

Creating a nourishing relationship with food through yoga

Creating a nourishing relationship with food

Beverly stated that our relationship with food parallels every other relationship in our life.

Although, my yoga practice has helped me become more cognizant of my thoughts, emotions and behaviors on and off the mat, I had never really considered comparing my relationship with food to my other relationships before.

She encouraged us to enjoy food without labeling it good or bad and to really pay attention to what we are eating — to how it looks, smells and tastes. We ate a dried cherry trying to savor it like we would a favorite yoga pose. The question came up, what might I notice if I slowed down and savored more of my life the way I am this cherry?

I found spending sacred time with other women all struggling with their unique food and self acceptance issues healing and inspiring. For some time I have felt that yoga was an integral link in helping address and heal our relationship with food. Beverly’s workshop confirmed this.

Awareness leads to understanding and acceptance of what we can and cannot change. Yoga is the path to awareness; the key to lasting healthy change. Learn more about Beverly’s Reconnect with Food Program.

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