Skinny Weight Watchers BLT

Weight Watchers BLT

BLTs are one of my favorite sandwiches. Rod's too. The combination of crispy, smoky bacon, cool crunchy lettuce and sweet and tangy ripe tomato is pretty hard to beat. We love them all year round for lunch or a light supper; with a steamy bowl of soup in the cold weather months and fruit or salad during the summer. They are especially ...

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10 Things Weight Watchers Can Stock in Their Fridge for a Healthy Week

10 Items Weight Watchers Can Stock in Their Fridge For A Healthy Week

It seems like everywhere I turn I run into fellow Weight Watchers and/or healthy eating enthusiasts, like Danielle Hegedus from Modernize who is stopping by to share her ideas for 10 items you can stock in your fridge for a healthy week! 10 Items Weight Watchers Can Stock in Their Fridge for a Healthy Week Keeping your refrigerator stocked…

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Skinny Chopped Greek Salad

Skinny Chopped Greek Salad

Skinny Chopped Greek Salad. Chickpeas, cucumber, grape tomatoes, red onion, kalamata olives and feta cheese tossed in a simple lemon olive oil dressing. (The recipe called for some chopped romaine but I intentionally left it out, so I could store this easy, healthy chopped Greek salad in the fridge for a couple of days without…

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Weight Watchers Weekly Meal Plan Week 38

Weight Watchers Weekly Meal Plans Week #38

Every Saturday I share my Weight Watchers Weekly Meal Plans with Points here on Simple Nourished Living. It includes what I’m planning to have for breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well a few snack and dessert ideas. Taking the time to think about what I’m cooking and eating ahead of time makes meal times all week so much easier….

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Weight Watchers Pina Colada Clean + Lean

Weight Watchers Pina Colada – Skinny Style

This Weight Watchers Piña Colada – a clean and lean version of the classic tropical cocktail from Hungry Girl was waiting for me in my inbox this morning. With just 183 calories + 6 Points Plus, it’s the perfect way to indulge in a summertime cocktail without blowing your points plus budget. Reading her email reminded me…

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Skinny Strawberry Waffle Shortcake Recipe Weight Watchers Points

Skinny Strawberry Waffle Shortcake

Here’s an easy, healthy delicious take on strawberry shortcake, that comes together in minutes with just 3 ingredients.  This skinny strawberry waffle shortcake is the perfect simple + delicious no-bake summer treat we Weight Watchers can feel good about indulging in anytime. Skinny on 3-Ingredient Skinny Strawberry Waffle Shortcakes Desserts don’t get much quicker or…

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Weight Watchers Potato Salad with Dill Recipe

Weight Watchers Dill Potato Salad Recipe

While getting my hair done last week, my stylist friend and I ended up on the topic of potato salad. She was contemplating what to bring to a weekend pool party. We agreed on potato salad. What says summer any better than potato salad? This somehow got me thinking about my favorite food writer, Laurie Colwin’s great…

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individual-chocolate-souffles text

Weight Watchers Individual Chocolate Soufflés

This great Weight Watchers Individual Chocolate Soufflé looks delicious enough to satisfy my inner French woman. A lightened up version of a classic, this little portion controlled dessert provides maximum pleasure with minimal calories. (Speaking of pleasure, I just got back from my Weight Watchers meeting a little bit ago, where the topic for the week…

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Why Diets Don't Work

Diets Weight Loss and Weight Watchers

I love food. Always have. Always will. But, these days I no longer live to eat. I eat to live. It took me a long time to find my balance. My weight loss struggles began in childhood and continued for decades. I’m a very slow learner. It is no fun being a fat teenager, especially in…

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Weight Watchers Cucumber Salad Recipe 9 Points Plus

Weight Watchers Cucumber Salad Recipe

I just realized that summer is the perfect season for lazy cooks like me. With so many delicious fresh fruits and vegetable available it’s easy to eat well with minimal effort. This simple Weight Watchers cucumber salad recipe is a perfect example. It comes together in less than ten minutes, especially if you have one…

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