Skinny Slow Cooker Chinese 5 Spice Chicken

Skinny Slow Cooker Five Spice Chicken

One of my goals this summer is to clean out the excess from my freezer and pantry. And then refrain from stockpiling. How I accumulate so much food is a mystery. And unnecessary. We are a family of two that enjoys eating out, as well as in. We have a grocery store within walking distance. So Saturday I pulled out a package of boneless, ...

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Weight Watchers Weekly Meal Plan Week 36

Weight Watchers Weekly Meal Plan Week #36

Every Saturday I share my Weight Watchers Weekly Meal Plans with Points here on Simple Nourished Living. It includes what I’m planning to have for breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well a few snack and dessert ideas. Taking the time to think about what I’m cooking and eating ahead of time makes meal times all week so much easier….

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skinny broccoli salad recipe healthy low fat low calorie

Skinny Broccoli Salad Recipe

I didn’t think I was a fan of broccoli salads. Most of them start out light and healthy but then get weighed down with heavy dressings and tons of bacon. This light and crunchy skinny broccoli salad recipe has changed my mind. Combining broccoli, grapes, celery and sunflower seeds in a light and slightly sweet…

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Weight Watchers Weekly Meal Plan Week #35

Weight Watchers Weekly Meal Plans: Week #35

First off I’ve gotta share the most awesome feature that we’ve just added to Simple Nourished Living – Weight Watchers Recipe Search. It’s a search engine specifically for Weight Watchers recipes with points plus  How cool is that? We have my awesome brother, Peter, to thank. One of the biggest challenges for Weight Watchers is…

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Weight Watchers Weekly Meal Plan Week 33

Weight Watchers Weekly Meal Plans: Week #33

For the month of June I’m trying something different. My family and I are conducting our own little Slim & Sassy Experiment, using doTERRA Slim & Savvy Products to slim down a little bit as we move into summer and swimsuit season Consequently, I’m not following my typical meal plan. I know many of you…

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