True Foods Golden Beet Juice

golden child pineapple pear beet juice

Since beginning this 30 Days of Juicing experiment I’ve become hyper-aware of fresh juice. It’s everywhere. In restaurants.  Juice Bars. Grocery Stores. I’m surrounded by fresh juice Like the other day when I met my friend, Alisa, at True Food Kitchen. In addition to our lunch menus, our waiter presented us with a separate Juice Menu. I felt compelled… 

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Strawberry Apple Pear Juice {30 Days of Juicing}

Strawberry Apple Pear Juice Recipe

(30 Days of Juicing Day #16 – Strawberry Apple Pear Juice) Looking through my fridge this morning, I realized I had some fruit that I needed to use up. That’s how I came up with this delicious strawberry apple pear juice. I thought it might end up being too sweet, but I believe the addition… 

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Green Gratitude Juice {30 Days of Juicing}

Green Gratitude Juice

(30 Days of Juicing Day #10 – Gratitude Juice) I found the inspiration for this Green Gratitude Juice from the website Juice Core. They are a micro juicery that serves the greater Phoenix metro area with “100% raw organic juice – cold pressed.” You can find Juice Core at various Farmers Markets throughout Phoenix, including… 

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Orange-Sauced Slow Cooker Hot Fruit

Slow Cooker Hot Fruit

(Weight Watchers Friendly Crock Pot Cooking Day 96) The recipe for this orange-sauced slow cooker hot fruit caught my eye as I was skimming through Slow & Easy: Fast-Fix Recipes for Your Electric Slow Cooker the other day. It seemed different, but in a good way. When I think of fruit salad I think chilled, which… 

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Betty Crocker’s Quick & Easy Pear Upside Down Cake

Betty's Pear Upside Down Cake

Here’s a quick and easy pear upside-down cake. Highly rated on the Betty Crocker website, it’s a variation of the pineapple upside-down recipe from the Betty Crocker Ultimate Bisquick Cookbook which dates back to the 1950s. I decided to give this pear upside-down cake recipe a try recently. Using Bisquick made it really quick and easy to make and it… 

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