Looking for ways to perk up dinner or dessert with Weight Watchers sauce recipes?

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You'll find a wide array of Weight Watchers sauce recipes including dessert sauces, chocolate sauce, salsas, savory sauces and more.

These easy, light, delicious Weight Watchers sauce recipes will help you stay on track with your weight loss goals while enjoying the food you love.

Slow Cooker Bananas Foster

slow cooker bananas foster

(Weight Watchers Friendly Crock Pot Cooking Day 193 – Slow Cooker Bananas Foster) Bananas Foster was created at Brennan’s Restaurant in New Orleans back in 1951. I’ve loved this decadently delicious flaming dessert since the first time I tasted it. Made with bananas, butter, brown sugar, cinnamon, rum and banana liqueur that are sauteed and then… 

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Strawberry Salsa

Skinny Fresh Strawberry Salsa

I made this simple strawberry salsa recently to go with the grilled pork we were planning for dinner. It’s based on the Pam Anderson’s “Create-Your-Own Fruit Salsa” recipe from her book, The Perfect Recipe for Losing Weight and Eating Great. In her headnotes, Pam explains that you can “use whatever seasonal fruit you’ve got: mangoes,… 

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Slow Cooker Roasted Garlic

Slow Cooker Roasted Garlic

(Weight Watchers Friendly Crock Pot Cooking Day 142) Don’t forget: You have ’til Friday (2/21/14) to enter my latest Crock Pot Giveaway! I love roasted garlic. It’s so nutty, creamy and sweet. Roasted garlic is a deliciously easy way to add incredible flavor to a variety of dishes with minimal calories, fat and Weight Watchers… 

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Slow Cooker Chocolate Sauce

Slow Cooker Chocolate Saucde

(Weight Watchers Friendly Crock Pot Cooking Day 135) Valentine’s Day is Friday. Have you decided how you’re going to indulge yourself yet? I’m still contemplating my options, which is part of the fun! If we constantly deprive our brain of the food we most desire, we crave it more. A losing proposition if there ever… 

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Slow Cooker Pizza Fondue

Crock Pot Pizza Fondue

(Weight Watchers Friendly Crock Pot Cooking Day 121 – Slow Cooker Pizza Fondue) The second biggest eating holiday after Thanksgiving, Super Bowl Sunday, is almost here. Do you have a plan for enjoying the day and indulging in your favorite foods without getting crazy? Did you know that Superbowl Sunday is the top pizza sales… 

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Orange-Sauced Slow Cooker Hot Fruit

Slow Cooker Hot Fruit

(Weight Watchers Friendly Crock Pot Cooking Day 96) The recipe for this orange-sauced slow cooker hot fruit caught my eye as I was skimming through Slow & Easy: Fast-Fix Recipes for Your Electric Slow Cooker the other day. It seemed different, but in a good way. When I think of fruit salad I think chilled, which… 

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Crock Pot Dried Fruit Compote

Slow Cooker Dried Fruit Compote

(Weight Watchers Friendly Crock Pot Cooking Day 61 ) Here’s an easy, delicious and versatile crock pot dried fruit compote that I love. It’s good warm or cold. For breakfast with hot cereal or yogurt. Or for dessert spooned over vanilla ice cream or pound cake. This crock pot dried fruit compote would be a… 

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