Crock Pot Cooking For Weight Loss

Crock Pot Cooking for Weight Loss

Before beginning my year of Weight Watchers friendly crock pot cooking challenge, I’d never really thought much about crock pot cooking for weight loss. But the truth is, if you are trying to lose weight, your slow cooker can be your best friend. For most of us, dinner is the meal that often derails our… 

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Favorite Skinny Dip Ingredients

Skinny Dip Ingredients

Looking for ways to lighten your favorite dips with what I like to call “skinny dip ingredients?” To me nothing says “party” like a great dip.  When I was a kid I fell in love with onion dip made with sour cream and Lipton onion soup mix. Do you remember it?  It was a party staple served… 

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Sunday Sampling: Tips & Hints for Living Happy, Healthy, and Slim

Happy, Healthy, Balanced Living

I read lots of newsletters and blog feeds every week that are filled with great tips, hints and recipes for living happy, healthy and slim. I’ve decided to gather those I want to keep into a weekly post I’ve dubbed, “Sunday Sampling.” I’m a big believer in the power of taking small steps toward your… 

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Martha’s Enlightened Creme Fraiche

Martha's Enlightened Creme Fraiche

This month’s  Recipe Redux’s  “Fermented Foods” challenge has left me feeling like a schoolgirl who waited too long to begin her final science project! Note to self: Making fermented foods takes time so waiting until the last minute is NOT a good idea! The truth is that I didn’t even get around to checking out this… 

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7 Great Recipes for Toasted Pumpkin Seeds

Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

I haven’t roasted pumpkin seeds since I was a kid. But very autumn my mind drifts back to our family’s annual pumpkin ritual: after spending the better part of a crisp weekend afternoon picking out the perfect pumpkins at a local farm, we’d spread newspapers out on the kitchen table and get to work turning… 

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