Favorite Power Smoothie Recipes

8 Great Power Smoothie Recipes

8 Great Power Smoothies

We’re always on the lookout for awesome smoothies. Sometimes we crave delicious green smoothies and sometimes we want sweeter and fruitier smoothies. Either way, we’ve got a great assortment of power smoothie recipes for you to choose from.

Smoothies are a great way to begin your day and they are perfect pre- or post-workout too! Nothing beats a cold, refreshing and nutritious smoothie on a hot summer day.

Favorite Power Smoothie Recipes

Here’s our favorite collection of power smoothie recipes from around the web that we’ve discovered so far.

Blueberry Avocado Power Smoothie Recipes

Blueberry Avocado Power Smoothie

Blueberry Avocado Power Smoothie from Gimme Some Oven (about 9* Weight Watchers Points Plus)
Ali affectionately calls this smoothie the Brain Power Smoothie since it’s packed with deliciously fresh ingredients (blueberries, avocado, banana, chia seeds and pomegranate juice) that are awesome for brain health. This recipes makes 2 generous 2-cup servings, with each serving having about 328 calories and 9* WW Points Plus.


Morning Energy Boost Power Smoothie Recipes

Morning Energy Boost Power Smoothie

Morning Energy Boost Smoothie from Dr. Oz (about 7* Weight Watchers Points Plus)
Start your day right with this simple smoothie that is energized with cocoa powder, peanut butter, banana, Greek yogurt and a sprinkle of cinnamon. The recipe makes 2 servings, each with about 244 calories and 7* WW Points Plus.


Green Goddess Power Smoothie

Green Goddess Power Smoothie

Green Goddess Smoothie from Women’s Health (about 5* Weight Watchers Points Plus)
The perfect morning pick-me-up, or afternoon under 200 calorie snack, this low calorie green goddess power smoothie is loaded with spinach, cucumber, avocado, kiwi, kefir, orange juice and mint. Each serving has 199 calories and 5* WW Points Plus.


Blueberry Beet Almond Smoothie

Blueberry Beet Almond Power Smoothie

Blueberry Beet Almond Power Smoothie from Preventions.com (about 9* Weight Watchers Points Plus)
This is a power-packed smoothie that is naturally high in fiber, beta carotene, folate and phytonutrients, thanks to the beets. Carrot juice is a great source of vitamin A, B-complex vitamins and minerals. Blueberries are high in antioxidants, while the almonds are providing monounsaturated fat, vitamin E, manganese, copper and many other nutrients.

Each serving of this blueberry beet almond smoothie has approximately 325 calories and 9* WW Points Plus.


Green Power Smoothie Recipes

Green Power Smoothie

Green Power Smoothie from Beyond the Peel (about 7* Weight Watchers Points Plus)
The key ingredients in this powerhouse smoothie are the greens (kale, chard or spinach), blueberries, avocado, Greek yogurt and lemon juice. This recipes makes 2 12-ounce servings, with each around 245 calories and 7* WW Points Plus.


Power Berry Smoothie

Power Berry Smoothie

Power Berry Smoothie from Health.com (about 4* Weight Watchers Points Plus)
If you’re low on frozen berries, you can easily supplement this berry smoothie by adding 1/2 banana which will also boost the potassium. The recipes (as written) makes one smoothie (about 1-1/2 cups) with about 139 calories and 4 WW Points Plus.


Green Tea Power Smoothie

Green Tea Smoothie

Green Tea Smoothie from Eating Well (about 10* Weight Watchers Points Plus)
This smoothie is powered with grapes, green tea, avocado and honey. The original recipe makes 2 servings, about 1-3/4 cups each, with approximately 345 calories and 10* WW Points Plus per serving.


Pomegranate Strawberry Power Smoothie

Pomegranate Strawberry Smoothie

Pomegranate Strawberry Smoothie from Prevention.com (about 7* Weight Watchers Points Plus)
This low calorie smoothie is sure to give you a boost since it’s full of fiber and beneficial antioxidants. All you need is pomegranate juice, raw honey, strawberries, plain yogurt, flaxseed oil and some ice. Each serving of this pomegranate strawberry power smoothie has 262 calories and 7* WW Points Plus.

*PointsPlus® estimates for these favorite power smoothie recipes calculated by Simple Nourished Living; Not endorsed by Weight Watchers International, Inc.

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    These look delicious and refreshing. I went to the store today and stocked up on fruits and veggies. I’ve got berries, bananas, pineapple, melon, and spinach so I’m ready to begin my days this week with smoothies! I find it’s so much easier to make sure I get at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables each day when I have a smoothie for breakfast.

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