Three Season Diet

Three Season Diet

Three Season Diet

A week ago Saturday was wonderful. It was was cool, rainy and blustery a good part of the day. I spent most of the morning curled up with my iPad reading The 3-Season Diet: Eat the Way Nature Intended: Lose Weight, Beat Food Cravings, and Get Fit by John Douillard. When the weather cleared I got out and took Francie for a long walk.

Before they slip away, I wanted to jot down my thoughts on the Three Season Diet and why I couldn’t put it down.

My Thoughts on the Three Season Diet

I love expanding my understanding of nutrition and holistic approaches to health.  This book really spoke to me. Dr. Douillard, a chiropractor and Ayurvedic practitioner, directs the LifeSpa Ayurvedic Retreat Center in Boulder, CO.

Ayurveda is one of the world’s oldest holistic healing systems. Like yoga, it developed thousands of years ago in India.

I’ve been trying to understand and apply the dietary concepts of Ayurveda into my life for years. But they never really stuck. They seemed too foreign.

In the Three Seasons Diet, Dr. Douillard seems to have melded the basic concepts of Ayurveda with the Mediterranean Diet in a way that is user-friendly for Westerners.

It’s a healthy, sane, common sense approach to living and eating that resonates with me.

While I’m not looking to lose weight, I’m always interested in ways to live a happier, healthier more balanced life :-)

The book encourages you to learn to listen to your body and adjust according to the seasons. Several of the suggestions are contrary to current American dietary wisdom, but make sense to me and are consistent with what I’ve learned about how the Italians, French and other Mediterraneans eat.

The Biggest Takeaways I’m Going to Work to Integrate Into My Life:

  • Eat 3 meals a day.
  • Don’t snack.
  • Make lunch your biggest meal.
  • Eat in a relaxed way without distractions.
  • Eat a light dinner as early as you can.
  • Eat with the seasons.

This is going to take some adjusting. I’ve been taught to snack to “fuel” my metabolism, which works well for body-builders. I’m about as far away from that as you can get!  And I’m intrigued by the French culture that discourages snacking and have been trying to minimize snacking for a while now.

Currently I try to keep lunch light so I can indulge at dinner which we eat very late. I’m interested to see what the effect of eating more at lunch and less at dinner has on my sleep and energy levels. Moving dinner hour up is going to take some work!

I’m pretty good about eating without distractions most of the time as I’ve been trying to live by these 7 Intuitive Eating Guidelines for several years.

Dr. Douillard encourages you to take things slowly and do the best you can. He says that by eating this way the majority (51%) of the time you’ll notice significant benefits including balanced weight, fewer cravings, more energy, better digestion, and fewer illnesses.

I’m looking forward to experimenting with eating in accordance with the Three Season Diet this summer.

Anyone interested in joining me?

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Today’s food for thought…

“People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing.”
~ Dale Carnegie

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