Share Your Favorite Recipes

Share Your Favorite Recipes

I spend a lot of time browsing through cookbooks and the internet looking for recipes. Especially Weight Watchers Friendly Recipes.

But the truth is that most of my favorite recipes of all time, including light and delicious Weight Watchers friendly ones have come from family and friends.

Like this quick and easy salsa cottage cheese baked potato I picked up from a WW leader years ago. Or this quick and easy chicken white bean salsa soup I got from a Weight Watcher friend a couple winter’s back.

Do you have a favorite Weight Watchers Friendly Recipe?

One that you got years ago at a meeting or from a friend or family member? Or an old cookbook or magazine?

Or a family favorite recipe you tweaked to make lighter and healthier?

Like my mom’s classic macaroni salad I made lighter. Or mom’s easy baked ziti that I lightened up.

We’d love for you to share it here with our growing Simple Nourished Living Community.

Share Your Favorite Recipes

Share Your Favorite Recipes that are Weight Watchers Friendly!

Once a month, beginning April 1, we’ll be selecting a favorite recipe submission to feature on our homepage and saying Thanks with a $50 Amazon Gift Card!

Just leave your recipe in the comments. Be sure to leave each recipe in a separate comment!

We’re so excited to discover your favorite recipes made Weight Watchers Friendly!

Thanks for Sharing!!

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  1. Kimber says

    My favorite, go to, recipe after a workout is my Cinnamon Ricotta Treat. It is filling, healthy and great for the muscles.

    Snack = 4 Points +
    1/4 cup low fat or part skim Ricotta cheese (make it a lunch with 1/2 cup Ricotta for 6 filling points +)
    1 tablespoon ground cinnamon
    1 tablespoon honey.
    Mix well and enjoy.

    I know this seems a bit point heavy for a snack, but after a run or hard workout, this treat is satisfying and filling and as an added bonus, the combination of Ricotta, cinnamon and honey is so good for the muscles as well as a bit of an anti-inflammatory. I have lost 39 pounds so far including this as a post workout meal.

    • says

      Hi Kimber,

      Congrats on the great 39 pound weight loss! And thanks for taking the time to share your Cinnamon Ricotta Treat! It sounds really yummy. I think it would be delicious spread on top of a slice of raisin toast too for a kinda cinnamon cheese danish fake-out :-)

  2. becci says

    At the moment i like low fat banana bread that ive tweaked its great as a snack really filling for just 2 pp
    200 grams plain flour
    2 tspns baking powder
    1/2 tspn bicarbanote soda
    50 grams splenda
    30 grams raisins
    4 bananas
    4 tablespoons stewed apple
    mash bananas and apple add splenda mix together, add in the flour, baking pwder,bicarb soda,and raisins beat together put in loaf tin or muffin tin makes 12 cook 180c 50-55 minutes

    • says

      Thanks, Traci!

      I’m providing the details here for everyone too! This looks really yummy :-)

      Frozen Snickers Pie


      1 Container Fat Free Cool Whip
      4 Sheets Low Fat Graham Crackers
      2 Tablespoons Smuckers Sugar Free Hot Fudge Topping
      2 Tablespoons Smuckers Sugar Free Caramel Topping
      2 Fun Size Snickers Bars
      8 x 8 Dish

      Place the Four Sheets of Graham crackers on the bottom of your dish
      Add the entire container of Fat Free Cool Whip and smooth out evenly
      Drizzle Fudge and Caramel all over the top
      Crush snickers bars in a ziplock bag (use a meat pounder or anything you have)
      Sprinkle the Snickers bar pieces all over the top!
      Put in Freezer for 2 to 3 Hours (or overnight)
      Cut into 6 huge Slices
      Each Slice is only 4 Weight Watcher Points Plus!
      (Store in Freezer)

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