3 Ways to Make Recipes Weight Watchers Friendly

3 Ways to Make Recipes Weight Watchers Friendly

As I was taking my walk with my dog Francie this morning, it occurred to me that there are essentially three ways to make recipes more friendly for Weight Watchers. As soon as I got home, I decided to jot my thoughts down here in a post before they evaporated from my short-term memory and were lost forever…

1. Lighten Recipes by Substituting Less Fattening Ingredients

Substitute Ingredients - one of 3 ways to make recipes weight watchers friendly

There are dozens of ingredient substitutions you can make to create recipes that are lighter and healthier:

  • Lean chicken instead of beef
  • Lean ground turkey for ground beef
  • Reduced fat and nonfat dairy products instead of full fat
  • Low fat plain Greek yogurt instead of sour cream
  • Buttermilk instead of cream in baking
  • Reduced fat and nonfat mayonnaise instead of regular
  • Sugar substitutes and artificial sweeteners instead of sugar (not for me personally)
  • Applesauce and fruit purees instead of butter, shortening and oil in baking
  • Mustard instead of mayonnaise
  • Egg whites instead of whole eggs
  • Lemon juice in place or salad dressing or oils in dressings + marinades
  • Salsa instead of salad dressing or other more fattening sauces
  • Spaghetti squash or zucchini ribbons instead of pasta
  • Light bread or sandwich thins instead of regular bread

2. Bulk Up Recipes with More Fiber and Low Calorie Fruits and Vegetables to Make Them More Filling

Bulk Up with Vegetables - 3 Ways to make recipes weight watchers friendly

Studies show that we eat a certain volume of food a day, rather than a set number of calories. To fill up our bellies on fewer calories, bulking up recipes with low calorie ingredients is a very effective strategy for making your recipes Weight Watchers Friendly. Here are some things you can do:

  • Add fresh fruit to cereals, smoothies, and pancakes
  • Add lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions and peppers to sandwiches
  • Add extra beans and/or vegetables to soups, stews, chilis, stir-fries, pastas and casseroles
  • Top pizzas with lots of vegetables and small amounts of lean protein
  • Toss beans and/or fruits into salads
  • Bulk up with high fiber whole grains instead of refined ones
  • Always be thinking about how you can add fruits and vegetables to your recipes
  • Top potatoes with vegetables instead of butter and sour cream

3. Decrease Portion Sizes

Smaller Portions is one of 3 ways to make recipes Weight Watchers Friendly

Eating less is a strategy that sometimes gets overlooked in our more-is-better world. I think French women and other Europeans are naturally better at portion control than we are here in the U.S.

With this strategy you keep your recipe the same, but you eat less. Think tiny portion or piece. Little sliver or slice. Small spoonful. My nana, who lived to be 93, was a master at this.

Mini portion controlled foods can be fun too. I love to make meat loaves, quiches, baked oatmeal and frittatas in muffin tins.

I think this works especially well with sweets and desserts. Taste buds are where all the joy from eating comes from. And it’s all over once you swallow, so it pays to focus on really savoring the sweet, rich, flavorful stuff. Most sugar-free, fat-free desserts pale in comparison to real thing when it comes to taste and delicious satisfaction (at least for me). Check out these adorable little 4-Ingredient cookies to see what I mean.

More: Managing Portions + Servings for Weight Loss Success

Making These Strategies Work for You

Making these 3 ways to make recipes weight watchers friendly work for you

I use a combination of all three strategies. I love to bulk up my pasta dishes with lean protein and vegetables. And there are some low fat dairy products, such as Greek yogurt that I actually prefer to their full fat counterparts.

When it comes to things like dips and appetizers, I like to keep them skinny so I don’t blow my whole calorie/points budget before dinner. My preference for skinny dips and spreads is a great example.

This also goes for many breakfast baked goods, like muffins and scones that I find just as pleasing when made with less fat and sugar.

But when it comes to dessert, I usually find the real thing more deliciously satisfying than the lightened up stuff. Give me 3 bites of deliciously rich ice cream, gelato, chocolate mousse, mocha pots de creme, chocolate tart, chocolate pound cake, or silky dark chocolate any day over something made using fat-free and sugar-free substitutes.

By using a combination of these ways for making recipes more Weight Watchers friendly, I’m able to find the happy-healthy balance.

Which strategy do you like best for making recipes Weight Watchers Friendly or do you like me, tend to use an It-Depends approach?

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  1. says

    This post was extremely helpful! Thank you! I am a Lifetime member at Weight Watchers myself. I have been in maintenance for about 6 months. I’m so happy to have found your blog and look forward to reading more great posts here!

  2. Barb says

    I just found your blog. I am a 10-year lifetime member of Weight Watchers. I am always looking for recipes that contain real ingredients that are easy to find. Since I prefer homemade foods, I use the It-Depends approach. It’s nice to have these tips all in one place.

  3. Anne St Pierre says

    Thanks for this great informative blog. I am on my W.W. journey 55 down and 40 to go. I seem to have slowed to a crawl right now so I am excited to have found you. I wonder if you have tips for great sauces for chicken breast.

    • says

      Hi Anne, Congrats on your spectacular weight loss!! I really think slow and steady is the best way to win the weight loss race :-) I’m a huge mustard girl, so I love mustard with everything including chicken breasts. I sometimes make a quick sauce of mustard mixed with plain greek yogurt. I also like to keep various salsas around to use on fish and/or chicken. I’ve got several fresh salsa recipes posted. And about a year ago my sister turned me onto Ajvar, which is a roasted red pepper/eggplant spread that you can buy in a jar in specialty stores, such as World Market. I like it on chicken/fish and as a dip mixed with plain greek yogurt. Hope this helps.

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