Sunday Sampling: Tips & Hints for Living Happy, Healthy, and Slim

I read lots of newsletters and blog feeds every week that are filled with great tips, hints and recipes for living happy, healthy and slim. I’ve decided to gather those I want to keep into a weekly post I’ve dubbed, “Sunday Sampling.”

Happy, Healthy, Balanced Living

Happy, Healthy, Balanced Living

  • I’m a big believer in the power of taking small steps toward your goals. Here’s a Simple Weight Loss Tip from Daily Burst of Energy to consider:  If you’re trying to lose some weight, focus on what you can do now, not on the end goal. A recent study showed that people who focused on what they could do each day to lose weight–rather than on their future, lighter selves–lost more weight. So instead of fantasizing about a new waist size, think about how healthy you’re going to make your next meal or hammer out a plan for the day to get in a few short walks or an exercise session. Keep yourself focused on what you can do right now. The little things add up!
  • Kristen at Slender Kitchen has put together a great collection of thirst quenching summer beverages including lemonade, spritzers and and sparklers.
  • It’s amazing how much better feel in the right clothes. And when you feel better and look better, you are much more likely to be motivated to take care of yourself and eat better. It’s amazing to me how interconnected everything is. Here’s a great post from Snack Girl on the power of the right workout clothes!
  • Are you self-conscious? Do you have issues with your body image? If you’re a woman living in today’s world with all it’s powerful distorted messages, there’s a good chance you do. Roni tackles the topic in an honest and open way in this post, “What are you Self-Conscious Of?”

  • This recipe for Coconut Toffee Oatmeal Cook Bites baked in mini muffin tins caught my attention since I love mini portion controlled sweet treats. Relatively low in sugar and fat, I want to calculate the PointsPlus values, make them and post them before too much time passes and I forget all about ’em.
  • Dr. Andrew Weil has a great article on managing stress with tons of tips and strategies including ways to be more positive, lighten your load with laughter (something I definitely need to do more), and make guided imagery work for you.
  • Have you heard of the Clandestine Cake Club? I hadn’t until I happened upon its cookbook in a London bookshop. What began as a small group of friends gathering in secret locations to share homemade cakes, has blossomed into a movement with hundreds of groups all over the world. I was excited that a group has just formed here in Phoenix with their first meeting scheduled for mid-July. I’m usually not much of a joiner, but this looks like fun so I’m planning to check it out at least once.

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  1. Sherrie says

    Love your “Sunday Sampling.” Great idea — it was fun to read and I appreciate your links to further information!

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