{Recipe Redux} A Digital Food Scale for Baking & Weight Loss!

Escali Digital Food Scale

Escali Digital Food Scale

My little digital food scale scale has become an essential in my kitchen. Most of the time it sits right out on the counter ready and waiting or tucked into a drawer where I can easily access it when I need it.

I know it sounds crazy but it’s helped me become a better baker AND more easily stay at my Weight Watchers goal weight! How great is that?

For a long time I resisted buying a food scale. Then I kept reading and hearing about how helpful a food scale is for baking. How weighing flour is so much more accurate than measuring it out in a cup. I finally relented and purchased this little Escali Digital Scale for less than $25 on Amazon. Now I’m a total convert!

So, when I learned that the topic for this month’s Recipe Redux, was “Gadget Gifts” I knew exactly what I wanted to feature.

A digital food scale is helpful in so many ways. I now weigh my flour instead of measuring it in a cup whenever I’m baking. It’s faster and much more accurate so I never end up with too much flour, which can cause your baked goods to be hard and dry.

And as a Weight Watchers Lifetime member, a food scale can help you get real about your portion sizes. Before the scale, I was underestimating the amount I was eating, which makes it a lot harder to lose weight and keep it off.

Portion sizes have exploded over the past several decades to the point where we can’t even recognize what a real serving size looks like any more. So most of us are eating way more than recommended amounts.

A great way to keep yourself honest is to use a food scale. Why? Because many people normally eat servings that are much larger than recommended amounts. A food scale teaches you portion control and keeps you from eating more than you planned. It will show you that the chicken breast or potato you thought was four ounces may actually weigh closer to eight. Or that the ounce of grated cheese or nuts was really closer to two with twice as many PointsPlus!

One Ounce of Nuts

One Ounce of Nuts

It’s a huge eye opener when you realize just how many PointsPlus values you may have been overeating with extra grams/ounces of food throughout your day.

I don’t think its a coincidence that since I’ve become more diligent in weighing and measuring my portions, I’ve had a much easier time staying at my goal weight! And because of using the scale consistently at home, I’ve found it much easier to eyeball portions and not overeat when I’m out at a restaurant.

So, If you’re serious about losing weight and/or becoming a better baker, I strongly recommend you get yourself a little digital food scale, like this Escali Digital Scale which is available in a wide range of fun colors.

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  1. says

    I have been wanting a kitchen scale for so long esp when there are recipes in grams and ounces rather than cup. I am sure it will make baking much more accurate and the final product will be great too. thanks for sharing your experience- going in my list of things to buy :)

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