How Many Weight Watchers Points Plus in Bruegger Bagels?

Do you know how many Weight Watchers Points Plus in Bruegger Bagels?

Weight Watchers Points Plus in Bruegger Bagels

Weight Watchers Points PLus in Bruegger Bagels

Before Weight Watchers I used to eat lots of bagels without giving it a second thought. Toasted and slathered with cream cheese, they were a favorite breakfast option. I was clueless about the amount of calories they contained or servings of bread they represented.

(According to nutrition experts, 20 years ago a bagel was 3 inches in diameter, weighed 2 to 3 ounces and had 140 calories.  Today bagels have grown to more than 4 inches in diameter, weigh 4 to 6 ounces and pack more than 300 calories. Which means bagels are now twice as big and fattening as they used to be.)

Did you know that the Weight Watchers Points Plus in Bruegger bagels (and most any bagel) is 6 to 8? That means a bagel is like eating 3 to 5 SLICES OF BREAD!

My plan to only in indulge in a bagel occasionally has worked perfectly for years, until this week when Bruegger’s decided to open up in my neighborhood, where it’s virtually impossible for me to avoid seeing them several times a day.

Yesterday, I decided to drop in and give one a taste test. When I asked the helpful lady behind the counter, what her favorite was, she exclaimed, “Oh, definitely the Rosemary Olive Oil”. “Okay,” I said, “I’ll take one to go.”

I brought it home, cut it in half and quickly wrapped up the other half, so I wouldn’t be tempted to eat the whole thing. Then I carefully sliced the remaining half, toasted it lightly and savored it as part of my lunch. She was right. It was delicious. Chewy. Flavorful.

The Weight Watchers Points Plus in Bruegger bagels Rosemary Olive Oil bagel is 9!  So my little lunchtime splurge of half a bagel cost me 5 PPV.  And this is where information becomes power. Because I know the Weight Watchers PointsPlus in Bruegger Bagels I can decide whether eating them is worth the investment. They are delicious but NOT 9 PointsPlus delicious!  And that knowledge and awareness is what will keep me from making Bruegger’s a regular habit!

To calculate the Weight Watchers Points Plus in Bruegger Bagels other varieties, here’s a link to Bruegger’s nutrition information.

Bruegger’s also offers a “skinny bagel” option with 100 fewer calories, which is essentially the same bagel, sliced horizontally into thirds so the middle portion can be removed. According to their website, it’s the “first ever “Skinny Bagel,” with the same taste and texture as a classic bagel, but with 100 fewer calories. Instead of changing the recipe of its time-tested, New York-style bagel, Bruegger’s cuts the bagels using a patented knife, removing approximately one-third of the bagel’s center but preserving its unique eggshell crust and delicious toppings. The result? Guests have a lower calorie option without sacrificing variety or taste.”

But since the price is the same, you may be better off eating half and sharing and/or saving the other half, if you’re feeling in control. If not, I say, don’t take the risk and go with the Bruegger’s Skinny Bagel option!

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