Yoga DVD Review: Yoga Chi for Energy by Suzanne Andrews

You may or may not be aware that I’m a huge yoga advocate. I began doing yoga in my 30’s to help with low back pain and sciatica and I’ve been hooked ever since.

Many people are under the misconception that yoga is just for the young, athletic and/or flexible, so I’m always excited to discover and share information about yoga DVDs that are accessible to beginners or all ages and abilities. Yoga Chi for Energy with Suzanne Andrews is just such a DVD.

Yoga Chi for Energy combines basic yoga poses with flowing tai chi movements to create a gentle invigorating workout appropriate for beginning exercisers of all ages, sizes, and abilities.  Think of it as ‘Yoga Light.’

Suzanne Andrews is an occupational therapist and functional fitness expert who lost 60 pounds since beginning to practice yoga. Her practical approach to functional fitness coupled with her sincere desire to help others discover the powerful physical, mental, and emotional benefits of yoga creates a routine to vitalize your body, mind, and spirit.

Set beside a lake, this one-hour program is divided into:

Part 1:  A 7-minute warm-up and breathing exercises to get your blood flowing.

Part 2: A 21 minute rejuvenating workout of standing poses designed to strengthen and tone while improving balance.  This is a total body series incorporating movements for both the upper and lower body.

Part 3: A 13-minute routine of floor exercises to stretch and strengthen your core.

Part 4:  The final segment is an 11 minute relaxing guided meditation set before a fireplace with soothing background music.

Bonuses include a non-narrated 11-minute energizing workout and a 4-minute introduction to the power of laughing yoga.

The pace of this DVD is slow and controlled with lots of expert instruction to keep you safe and motivated.  Modifications for some of the more challenging poses, such as downward facing dog, are demonstrated.  It’s a fun, accessible workout appropriate for all ages and abilities that will leave you feeling refreshed, not depleted.

Yoga Chi for Energy with Suzanne Andrews helps prove what I believe:  Everyone – not just dancers and athletes – can benefit from practicing yoga.

Here’s a video review by some of Suzanne’s students:

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