Yoga DVD Review – Yoga for the Rest of Us

Are you a beginning yoga student curious about giving yoga a try in the privacy of your own home with the help of a yoga DVD?

Yoga for the Rest of Us with Peggy Cappy is a DVD that can help beginners of all ages and fitness levels discover the benefits of yoga. If you think you are too old, too out of shape, or not flexible enough to try yoga, you need to take a look at the inspiring students in this video.

Cappy, is a New Hampshire based yoga teacher with over 20 years experience , who offers gentle senior yoga classes to participants that are often 70+. (You may have seen her on PBS.)

In Yoga for the Rest of Us, she leads 4 of her students of varying ages and abilities through a one hour session that can be done all at once or divided into three 20-minute segments, that include Warm-Ups, Standing Poses, and a Flowing Series of modified sun salutations that concludes with a nice long relaxation.

The DVD begins with Cappy’s introduction, where she discusses the many benefits of yoga, her purpose for producing the DVD, as well as a review of what to expect and how to proceed. She  appears warm, sincere, and engaging. The pacing is slow and deliberate.

Part I consists of  warm-up stretches that are all done seated in a chair.  The session begins with an exercise in learning to tune into your breathing and noticing the sensations you are feeling in your body. It provides a good transition out of the busyness of your day, and into your yoga practice. She then leads you through a series of gentle stretches beginning with your neck, and then moving down your body to your shoulders, torso, wrists, hands, feet, and legs.

Part 2, focuses on standing poses that are designed to build leg strength and improve balance. The poses are all demonstrated with several modifications and variations to accommodate different levels of ability. Those who are less steady use a chair for support.

Basic yoga poses such as mountain pose, tree pose, warrior pose, triangle, and downward facing dog are performed slowly and methodically with detailed alignment instructions. Cappy, encourages you to make the adjustments necessary to accommodate your specific needs, something that I think is extremely important for staying safe as you begin to practice yoga.

Part 3 of Yoga for the Rest of Us begins with modified sun salutations, a flowing series of poses that are demonstrated both with a chair for support and without. She encourages you to only do as much as feels right as you begin.

The DVD concludes with a few gentle compensation poses for your back and a nice long guided relaxation – the restorative reward for your earlier yoga practice – and what many overly busy people consider the best part of a yoga practice.

If you are looking for a gentle yoga DVD that can help you increase your flexibility, strength and balance, Yoga for the Rest of Us is worth a closer look.

Highly Recommended


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