Basic Yoga for Dummies Video

Are you looking for a good basic video introduction to yoga?

Here is something for you. It’s the Basic Yoga for Dummies Video by  Sara Ivanhoe.

I am a big fan of the Dummies Book Series and yoga teacher Sara Ivanhoe. So when I discovered that Sara had done a yoga video following The Dummies format I was excited.

Sara Ivanhoe is a very positive, friendly and down-to earth yoga teacher, perfect for this video.

If you have never tried yoga or are curious about it or are looking for a basic yoga routine you can do in the privacy of your home, I encourage you to check this out. It may be just give you that jump start you need to give yoga a try.

Part I:

Part II:

Basic Yoga for Dummies is perfect for beginning yoga students of any age or fitness level, who are looking for a safe, slow paced way to get started.

In addition to this video, you will want a yoga mat, towel and strap or bathrobe tie to get the most of this yoga routine.

And even if you never decide to practice with this video, just watching it can provide a great introduction to yoga terminology and many basic yoga postures including:

  • Cat Post
  • Mountain Pose
  • Standing Forward Bend
  • Lunge
  • Tree
  • Standing Side Stretch
  • Downward Facing Dog
  • Cobra
  • Child’s Pose
  • Seated Forward Bend
  • Final Relaxation Pose

She does a good job at explaining the benefits of each pose, as well as important alignment details. Many complaints I have heard about introductory yoga videos is that the pace is too quick for new students. Basic Yoga for Dummies solves this problem by taking each basic yoga pose individually and going nice and slowly. I particularly like that modifications are demonstrated for many poses for students who may have very limited flexibility.

This yoga video also incorporates some of the common For Dummies icons such as Tip, Jargon, Remember, Beware and Myth Buster. Over time, these may become annoying, but are useful as a learning video.

The video begins sitting down with an explanation of breathing.

Basic Yoga for Dummies is perfect for beginning yoga students. Sara is a friendly upbeat instructor who provides detailed instructions.

If you prefer you can order the DVD from Amazon:

And if for some reason, this doesn’t work for you, please don’t give up on yoga. There are so many styles of yoga and yoga teachers out there, it is worth it to keep search until you find the perfect class and teacher for you!

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